About Katie

About Katie

Connection & Presence 


Passionate about holistic wellness, I create and hold space for people to move, to flow, to be still, to “be”. I weave mindfulness and meditation into every yoga offering and love to share ancient wisdom that can help bring us back to balance. 

For me, yoga is about connection, and challenging myself to show up on and off my mat with awareness, love and gratitude for all that is. Each day I need something different, luckily there are many yoga and meditation practices – I look forward to sharing them with you! 💎 

katie hailey lanzarote beach
Katie Hailey cacao ceremony and yin yoga at the yurts

About You

Join me at a retreat or event to journey through practices that ground, calm and revitalise you. Learn practices that promote relaxation, presence and connection, and set powerful intentions with Cacao to pave the path for positive changes in your life. ❤️

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