Hello, I’m Katie! 🙂 I’m a Children’s Book Author/Illustrator, Yoga Instructor and Life Coach.

My first Children’s Book titled “The Feed Me Monster” is available to purchase here. If you are interested to book me for a school visit please see Speaking Page. I love visiting pre-schools to read and workshop with the children, we also do a little kiddie yoga!

I am a Yoga Instructor and offer Group and Private classes in Fort Collins, Colorado, see schedules and privates here. I teach different styles including, Vinyasa and Yin.

I am a Life Coach and here to help you with any changes that you would like to make in your life. I have always been interested in how we think, feel and behave, especially how our sub-conscious beliefs shape our experience of life. I believe we all deserve to be healthy and happy, to feel balanced, confident, and free to explore our potential. Learn more or book your session here.

BA Hons in Performance
NLP Dip. (S.N.H.S)
Yoga Dip. (S.N.H.S)
Advanced Nutrition Dip. (S.N.H.S)
Vinyasa 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Qualified

Katie Hailey


I was born in Kent, England and grew up in the most loving, nurturing environment. 🙂 Mum was a hypnotherapist and with people coming to the house to ‘reset’, I soon became aware of the habits we make subconsciously, the power of language (including self-talk) and the choices we have. I am passionate about positive communication and establishing good relationships with ourselves and with others.

I have also been very curious about food choices my entire life! Age 6 I announced I was going to be vegetarian, and in later years I explored raw, plant-based foods (a chapter of discovery that supplied me with a wealth of knowledge relating to nutrition). Now my diet is mostly veggies, healthy fats and proteins from both the plant and animal kingdoms—my favorites; hemp seeds, home-made goats-milk yoghurts and gelatin! Yes bone broth! (It’s so nourishing to our connective tissues!)

When I look back on my life-long food interest I can see that I turned to food out of fear, using healthy foods as a preventive from dis-ease. I also developed some dysfunction around foods and it took a wise woman to tell me that “Twice as much healthy food does not mean twice as healthy!” Writing The Feed me Monster helped me find more balance!!

I have also worked professionally as a nanny, a three-year chapter that opened my heart more fully and taught me that our behaviors and relationships directly influence and shape our children. Thank you to all of my little charges, for being such wonderful, lovable teachers! Before this, I worked as a Singer/Dancer onboard a cruise ship and as a Children’s Theatre Performer on a National UK Tour/ West End run!

While working as a nanny in Switzerland I met Mr Hailey! 😃 I won’t get too soppy here, but this man is a marvel and we are putting down roots in his home state of Colorado. Aaaah this man! ❤️

To summarize my interests, I love to sing, dance, draw, paint, spend time in nature, be with kids, walk barefoot, play in the ocean, catch waves, practice yoga, teach yoga, snuggle with my husband, illustrate, write, help people to create amazing lives for themselves, take photographs, make healthy nutritious foods, travel and learn new skills!

If you would like to connect, please feel free to email me directly: katie@katiehailey.com

Thank you for reading! I love hearing from you so please leave me your comments and know that I wish you all healthy, happy lives full of beauty and brilliance!

Lots of love,
Katie xx