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The Feed Me Monster is a fun and light-hearted children’s book full of rhyme, color and charm! Underneath is a message of health—be aware of the foods you are putting into your body and why you are eating.

In order to prevent childhood obesity we need to look at our behaviors around food and where necessary make positive changes. We need to instill in our children healthy eating habits and set them up for success! 🙂

Tried and tested on many little ones, The Feed Me Monster will be requested time and time again!

I wrote The Feed Me Monster because I used to overeat and always felt uncomfortable and disappointed afterwards—the type of feeling that occurs after a Thanksgiving splurge!!

I also witnessed this behavior in others and watched adults over-indulging and their children following suit. I started to see this behavior as a little Feed Me Monster who wanted extra helpings, snacks and ate just for the sake of eating! With the behavior separate from myself, I had more personal power to make the changes I wanted to see.

Overeating and emotional eating do not serve us well. For myself I wanted more balance and for others I want the same. I found that the first step is to become aware of the behavior, then interrupt the behavior and replace it with a new one!

Once we are aware we can start to make changes; we can teach ourselves to listen to our bodies signals, to wait for real hunger, to stop when we are satisfied, to eat the healthy nutritious foods that our bodies need and let go of the junk foods that are full of sugar, chemicals and throw our bio-chemistry off. We can teach our minds and our bodies to adapt to new healthy eating habits.

The Feed Me Monster lets us look at how we think and behave around food—it’s a great way to start a conversation with your kids about healthy eating habits! Help your children to listen to their bodies, to recognize hunger and to stop when they are full. 🙂 We need to educate our children when they are young. There are too many children who are unhappily overweight and learning behaviors that will keep them from experiencing the health they deserve.

Let’s do our bit in preventing and treating childhood obesity. Take control of your health, body and subconscious mind, be amazing role-models for your children and talk to your kids about creating healthy eating habits. 🙂


Children ages 2-6+
Anyone who wants to create a more balanced relationship with food
Children and parents who are overweight and want to start thinking differently about food
Anyone who wants a giggle!


Our lovable little monster is fixated on food; he joins us at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, takes extra servings and secretly snacks in between! By evening, poor Feed Me has eaten himself into a food coma, we find him stooped in his chair, regretful and disappointed. He has over-indulged, again! Oh dear!

Start a conversation with your children about overeating; how we feel when we overeat and what we can do to find more balance around food. 🙂


I write for children because when we teach our children about choices, we set them up for success! I am a former children’s performer and nanny, and love to entertain and educate. I teach yoga and have certifications in Advanced Nutrition and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). I am especially passionate about how we think, learn, communicate with ourselves and others, and how we care for our bodies!

Laugh along as The Feed Me Monster feasts, gorges and indulges his every whim!
Do you have a Feed Me Monster? I know I do, but now that I’m aware of him, we’re finding balance!!

xxx Happy reading and lots of love to you all! xxx

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We have been reading The Feed Me Monster with our son, age 2.5 and he loves it! He understands the message and tells us now when he is full! The Feed Me Monster is an excellent book to teach children about body signals and food choices!

—Ashley Schwader, District Wellness Manager, Poudre Schools

Beyond the captivating illustrations, the expressive little monster, and the delicious rhymes is a lasting message of new possibilities. By observing our own eating habits and interrupting the pattern, we too can experience personal power and freedom.

—Mark Hoog, Renowned Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Author and Publisher

I think the eye of the Feed Me Monster is controlling the eating, a bit like a vacuum.

—Henry Tyler, a deep thinker of 7

Watch Katie reading The Feed Me Monster

“If there is a thought, behavior or belief that holds you back, set yourself apart from it, reconnect with your personal power, and make the changes you wish to see. The first step is to become aware.”