Inner Coaching

In order to feel healthy and happy we must take responsibility and take action to make the changes we wish to see. 

Are you ready to let go of old patterns of behavior? Do you want to step into the new you; balanced, peaceful and powerful?  Work with me to find more balance, meaning, health and happiness.

Find more balance

Inner Coaching - Katie Hailey


Increase your flexibility. Rebalance your body and mind.

Private Yin Yoga sessions are specifically designed to open and soften the areas of your body that feel tight, increasing your flexibility and releasing energetic blockages. Deeply relax in the comfort of your own home with a practice tailored to you.

Relax  Deeply


In teaching our children about choices, we set them up for success! The Feed Me Monster personifies the behavior of overeating and emotional eating, giving the reader a new perspective.

Full of rhyme and delightful illustrations,The Feed Me Monster is a great way to begin a conversation with your children about healthy eating habits. 🙂

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