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Rediscover inner magic through yoga, a practice that’s much more than just movements. It’s about connecting with the deepest layers of your being. I blend and share ancient practices with heart-healing cacao to illuminate your inner world and guide you towards your bliss. ✨

Unlock the joy and timeless wisdom that is held within you, so you can live and love more fully! 🥰

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Private & Bespoke Yoga

Whether you’d like to deepen your practice with individual guidance or find deep connection, relaxation and bliss within a group, I am here for you! Dive deep into grounding, healing and transformative practices including breath work, meditation, yin yoga, and other styles of yoga, all tailored to you and your goals! 🥰 

I love one-on-one sessions where we can focus completely on you and your journey. For groups, I love to create half or full-day yoga and wellness retreats! Let me know when! 🥳 

To book your private or bespoke group session, find out more here. ❤️

Events & Retreats

Designed to soothe your body, mind and soul, my retreats are suitable for all levels of experience and offer you the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice, reconnect with yourself, relax and recharge. 

With nourishing food and great company, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Check out my upcoming events!

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